Sunday, January 31, 2016

It's Sunday

My friends

It's Sunday again.
The day given to us to appear before the Lord God of Hosts to worship and adore Him.

To praise Him with hearty songs from our hearts and mouths and to wave our holy hands in thanksgiving to Him

The Bible recommends that we do not neglect the gathering of the Saints together and so as many Saints gather in Churches across the World today, do not be left out.

Do not be left out of the blessings that flow from His Altar
Do not be left out of the Anointing that flows from the Holy Spirit as we ask in prayers
Do not be left out of the effectual communal prayers that worketh great things in the lives of the believers
Do not be left out of the sharing of bread and wine - the Communion with the Holy Trinity, for as long as we eat the bread and drink the wine in His Divine Presence so is He able to abide with us in our own mortal homes

Today, of all things to do, let your appearance before the Lord be one of them if not the first thing to do.

And may He continually bless you for ever



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  1. Go to Church today and thank God for His mercies and grace