Sunday, August 14, 2016

Go To Church

Hello My Friends

I thank the Lord for His mercy and His grace which He has made abundant for us to draw upon and which has brought us back to the land of the living from that land where we knew not ourselves.

It's not who went to bed last night that woke up this morning
in the same token, it is not all who woke up this morning, who have all their faculties intact.
Some have taken ill and are being rushed to the hospital as I am writing;  some had bad dreams that they are so perplexed and confused; some have received a shocking news that has sent shock waves down their spines from which they are yet to recover

But for you and I, God has preserved us and protected us

Ought we not to be grateful to Him?

One way of showing Him your gratitude is to go to Church today if you are a Christian.

Even if you are Sunday - Sunday Christian, go to Church

The blessings that flow out a congregation praying together still cannot be quantified.

And as you do that today, may He continually look upon you with His deeply satisfying and unconditional love

Have a very pleasant Sunday


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