Sunday, May 14, 2017

Daily Fountain 2017 - The Resurrection And Life Is Here

Sunday May 14
4th Sunday After Easter

Bible Reading:     John 11: 17 - 27
Topic:         The Resurrection And Life Is Here

When Jesus eventually came up to the house of Mary and Martha, the dead Lazarus had already been in the tomb for four days.

In v. 21, Martha told Jesus that if He had come early enough, Lazarus would not have died. Martha's statement implied that Jesus came too late to do anything to help Lazarus.

Even though she believed that Lazarus would resurrect on the last day, she had hoped that Jesus would have come in time to heal him.

The wonderful news, however is that Jesus is the Resurrection and Life. Whether we live or die, we are alive in Him!

Moreover, God is always on time to perfect His Will in our lives.

Are there some situations in your life which you think are beyond hope and help? Jesus proves from today's reading that He always has perfect timing.

Sarah passed the age of child bearing, yet God caused her to conceive and hear a child. No situation is hopeless in the Hands of God.

He can cause dead dreams and hopes to come to life again. He did it for Lazarus, He can do it for you. Only Trust HIM.


By the Power of the Holy Spirit, I command everything that is dead in my life, my health, my ministry and my business to resurrect in Jesus Name, Amen.

Memory Verse:   John 11: 22

"But I know that even now whatsoever Thou wilt ask of God, God wilt give it Thee"

Source:     The Daily Fountain
(The Daily Devotional Guide of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion)

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