Sunday, January 15, 2017

Daily Fountain 2017 - The Revelation Of God And His Word

Sunday January 15th

Bible Reading:     Psalm 19

Topic:         The Revelation Of God And His Word

Throughout the ages, it has pleased God to reveal Himself to mankind.

Creation proves that there is a Creator and the Heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows His Handiwork (vs. 1)

We behold the Sun which God created as it rises from one end of Heaven and sets at the other end. The impact of the Sun touches everything in the Universe.

The Law of the Lord is Perfect, converting the soul (vs. 7a).

By being Perfect, it means that God's Law is Complete, Faultless, Profitable and without Confusion.

When the Law is properly applied, it brings salvation to the soul and every other area of one's life, that is it saves one from sin and its consequences, from sinful life and from the fear of death.

The Law of the Lord, the Testimony of the Lord, the Statute of the Lord and the Commandment of the Lord are different expressions of the Word of God.

The Psalmist notes that "...... in keeping them, there is great reward" (vs. 11b)

If you set your heart on seeking and keeping God's Word, you will share the same testimony like the Psalmist.

The Word brings divine enlightenment that saves one from errors and presumptuous sins.

Unless the Lord graciously reveals Himself and His Word to you, pride and self-righteousness will be inevitable.

Father God, help me to seek You daily through the Word that I may receive salvation of my soul and blessing in every area of my life in Jesus Name

Memory verse:   Psalm 19: 14
"let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy Sight, O Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer."

Source:     The Daily Fountain
(The Daily Devotional Guide of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion)

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