Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Sermon - The Dignity Of Labour

                   Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)
                                    Diocese of Abuja
                         Cathedral Church of the Advent

15 January 2017

Today's Sermon - Epiphany 2

Theme:     "The Christian Work Ethic"
Topic:       The Dignity of Labour and the Burden of Family
Key Text: 1 Timothy 5: 8


Christians have dual citizenship as long as they live on earth, and to these two they must prove responsible

First is their heavenly citizenship for which they must live here and now as strangers; secondly is the earthly citizenship to which they must be responsible members of the society, otherwise the Name of Christ will be maligned. One way to achieve this is through work.

Christians by the teaching of the Word of God's Plan are to find dignity in labour.
From the early times, work has been part of God's Plan for man, even before the fall (Gen. 2: 15)
We should therefore not resist working, for by it God will bless and prosper us. It is in our that the promises of God will be fulfilled (Ps. 1: 1 - 3)

We live in a time some Christians and Preachers believe in prosperity without work - they only claim it by faith.

An example of this is MIRACLE MONEY in which unearned monies are supernaturally credited to a person's bank account supposedly by angels. The teaching of the Word of God about faith and work condemns such teachings (James 2: 20, 26). The same can be said of get-rich-quick/ponzi/pyramid schemes e.g. MMM

When the Apostle Paul encountered some idle Christians in Thessalonica, he rebuked them sharply (2 Thess. 3: 7 - 12)

His conclusion was that "he that will not work should also not eat"

For Christians with families, if they do not work, they would fail in their family responsibilities. Paul also judged them as having denied the faith and worse than unbelievers (1 Tim. 5: 8)

The Christian faith does not encourage begging (Acts. 20: 35) rather each one is called to work hard so as to be able to give to God's cause on earth.

Some Points to note
1.      There is dignity in labour. Christians should embrace just works as responsible citizens

2.      No Christian should be idle or be lazy for God cannot bless or prosper nothing. It is ungodly to pray earnestly for prosperity, divine favour e.t.c. without working

3.      An idle Christian is a disgrace to the faith. God the Father and Jesus are working and so should Christians (John 5: 17)

4.      Parents must be good examples of working Christians to their Children and not abandon their responsibility of providing for their families

5.      Be willing to help but avoid "oversize responsibility" in your dealing with the extended family

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