Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Sermon - 22nd January 2017


                        Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)
                                    Diocese of Abuja
                         Cathedral Church of the Advent

Sunday 22 January 2017

Today's Sermon - Epiphany III

Theme:     "The Christian Work Ethic"
Topic:         Christ Centred Work Ethics 1: Being Humble
Key Text:    Eph. 6: 5


Ethics has to do with the principles relating to the right or wrong conduct.

It is about the standards that govern the conduct of a person within a group, especially a member of a profession.

Christ-centred work ethics therefore talks about Christian principles that should apply in the work place as demanded by God.

One of such principles is Humility

The people who work with us (our bosses, superior officers , colleagues, subordinates) must attest to our humility.

The employee's humble attitude is revealed in how he responds to authority in the workplace.

The Christian employee ought to be teachable and wiling to do his assigned tasks.

Likewise the Christian employer must do his God ordained task with a similar humble attitude realizing that he too is a servant - a servant of the King of kings.

He must not be a tyrant or a hard task master, throwing his weight around and mistreating his employees. Rather he should treat his employees with dignity as fellow image bearers of God

He must act in ways that are fair and gracious as he carries out his responsibilities as a representative of that One Who has the Ultimate Authority.

Some points to note:

1.      Do you respect your boss and do your assigned job as a child of God?

2.      Do you as a boss treat people under you as human beings created in God's own Image and Likeness?

3.      Would people you serve (or people who serve you) see Christ in you through your humble disposition?

4.      Our humble disposition to work can win others to Christ

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