Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Daily Fountain 2017 - Ye Must Be Holy

Wednesday March 15

Bible Reading:     1 Peter 1: 13 - 21

Topic:         You Must Be Holy

Everything about God is wrapped up in Holiness.

His love, mercy, power, justice, joy and all of His Character reflect His Holiness.

God is Holy, therefore His children should live Holy lives.
They should because they are "partakers of His Divine Nature" (2 Pet. 1: 4) and ought to reveal that nature in godly living.

They are called to be Holy(v.15). They are called "out of darkness into His marvelous light" (1 Pet. 2: 9). They are called to "His Eternal Glory" (1 Pet. 5: 10)

God called us for salvation by grace alone. But God's gracious election of sinners to become saints always involves responsibility and not just priviledge.

Furthermore we must be Holy because

1.      God commanded it (vs. 14 - 16)

2.      The eternal purpose of God in Christ is for us to be Holy

3.      Without Holiness, we cannot enjoy His fellowship (Heb. 12: 14)

4.      The only proof that we sincerely love the Lord Jesus Christ is by living Holy lives

5.      The only sound evidence that we are the true children of God is a Holy lifestyle (1 John 3: 6)

Almighty Go, grant me the grace to be Holy in all my conducts through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Memory verse:   1 Peter 1: 15
"But as He Which hath called you is Holy, so be ye holy, in all manner of conversation"

Source:     The Daily Fountain
(The Daily Devotional Guide of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion)

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