Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Daily Fountain 2017 - The Illegality Of Legalism

Wednesday February 15

Bible Reading:     Romans 3: 9 - 20

Topic:         The Illegality Of Legalism

A Law Student told a story of how one of their Lecturers taught them "the Legality of Illegal Regimes In Africa."

According to him, the message of that topic was to justify a "successful coup"

In the event of a military coup overthrowing a democratically elected government, the ability of the law to confer legality on the military action is solely dependent on whether the coup was successful or not. If the coup was not successful, those who masterminded the overthrow would be tried for treason and summarily executed.

But God is different.

In our text today, the central message is that by our legalistic righteousness we cannot please God, "for by the deeds of the law shall no flesh be justified in His Sight for by the law is the knowledge of sin" (v. 20)

It is by faith through grace that we are justified before God so that no man shall boast in the Sight of God.

That is how to please God and not by legalistic self-righteousness which is actually illegal in the Sight of God, in the light of of the law of justification by faith through grace.

Lord, show me the misery of my legalistic, self righteousness and deliver me from that so that I may be justified in Your sight, Amen

Memory verse:   Romans 3: 20
"Therefore by the deeds of the law, there shall no flesh be justified in His Sight; for by the law is the knowledge of sin"

Source:     The Daily Fountain
(The Daily Devotional Guide of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion)

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