Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday Sermon - Epiphany V

Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)
                                    Diocese of Abuja
                         Cathedral Church of the Advent

Epiphany V - Sunday 5 February 2017

Today's Sermon

Theme:     "The Christian Work Ethic"

Topic:         Christ Centred Work Ethics III: Being Hardworking

Key Text:    Col. 3: 23


At the core of Christian work ethics is hard work.

Our key text instructs "whatever you do, do your work heartily as for the Lord rather than for men"

 Ephesians 6: 7 states that the Christian worker must "serve wholeheartedly"

This is work done willingly and enthusiastically - a departure from the attitude of the unsaved worker whose only concern is "how much can I get paid for as little work as possible"

A notable Christian author has described Christian workers as individuals who "do their work without the need for constant pep talks, who are willing to go the extra mile and who actively look for better, faster, more efficient ways to get the job done."

Unfortunately in our Country today, many public officials expect gratification before doing the job they are employed to do. Christians are called to be different.

The Christian's motivation for hard work is the knowledge that he is working "as for the Lord rather than for men, knowing that from the Lord, you will receive the reward of inheritance. It is the Lord Christ Whom you serve" Col. 3: 23 - 24; cf Eph. 6: 7 - 8)

There cannot be any viable alternative to hard work. No lazy person can be a good Christian. In all spheres of work, Christians should aim at excellence and being the best they can be.

The best of jobs cannot get anyone out of poverty without dedication and hard work.

Ecclesiastes 9: 10 encourages hard work because it is only in this life that we have the priviledge to work.

The principle of hard work is for all Christians whether as Civil Servants, Private Business Owners, Apprentices, Private Employers, Students e.t.c.

Many Christians have gone for many prayers of breaking of curses, financial breakthrough e.t.c. yet with little or nothing to show for it because their attitude to work is negative.

The most common cause of Poverty is not SPIRITUAL but LAZINESS and PLANLESSNESS (Prov. 6: 6 - 11)

Dedication and hard work may not bring immediate worldly riches but they certainly bring fulfillment

Points To Note:

1.      Prosperity may not be so much about the job than your attitude to the job (Job 8: 7)

2.      The period of unsuccessful search for white collar job may be God's time for you to discover yourself - your potential

3.      As Christians we must make it a guiding principle never to be idle or lazy

4.      God shall use your work attitude to judge you (Lk. 16: 12)

5.      One great rule for hard work - "whatever can be done today should never be put off till tomorrow"


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