Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Sermon Summary - Sexagesima Sunday

Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)
                                    Diocese of Abuja
                         Cathedral Church of the Advent

Sexagesima - Sunday 19 February 2017

Today's Sermon

Theme:     "The Christian Work Ethic"
Topic:         Building Good/Health Work Habits
Key Text:    Proverbs 6: 6


In the Bible we find many passages that define how a Christian worker should behave, whether he is the Master or the Servant (Eph. 5: 6)

There is also advice for the Christian Boss (Eph. 6: 9)

However on a daily basis in our work environment we find certain issues cropping up, such as:

- Punctuality/Procrastination
Civil Servants especially are notorious for coming late to work and being fast gone before the closing time.

Also in many cases, there is hardly a well-defined time frame for service delivery. The result is the frustrating plea: "come back tomorrow, next week, next month .."

- Time Management
Discipline of maintaining a work schedule to enhance prompt and timely delivery of services

- Aspiration and Contentment
Going all out to put in one's best and contented with the outcome, when one has done the utmost (Eccl. 4: 9-10)

- Working As A Team
Most if not all jobs require some level of team work requiring good inter-personal relationship and group dynamics (Prov. 6: 6)

- Eating Right, Seating Right e.t.c.
Some work environment are hazardous to health promoting for example "eating of junk food" and seating hours on end. Hormonal, Spine, Digestive, Respiratory e.t.c. problems may ensue. And not many jobs have insurance cover for these

Some Points To Note:
1.      What can we learn from the ant in our job life? (Prov. 6: 6)

2.      How can we apply diligence to enhance productivity?

3.      The ant puts in so much effort to gather and store food in cooperation with others, this is a good example on how to work with others in the production chain and to spread the gospel. It is said that "One person cannot build a tower"

4.      Christians need to work hard, efficiently and effectively

5.      Since work is part of God's original plan for man, we must work as to the Lord, never as men pleasers (Col. 3: 23 - 24)

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