Monday, February 20, 2017

The Place Of Destiny

By:     Chukwuneta Obiageli

What brings about stress in life is our insistence on having life dance to our tunes…even when things are destined to play out differently for us. 

So, instead of being ‘accepting’ and finding harmony in life, we live a life of perpetual(emotional) struggles…because we are always swimming against the tide of our destiny. 
Think along this line as you ‘x-ray’ the caliber of people that seem to come your way (mostly) in relationships.
Michelle was said to be doing much better than Obama (career wise) at a time but it would take a (then) struggling (not idle!) Obama coming into her life for her to find herself in a place of prominence in life. Her ‘career and education’ alone could not have earned her such a place in history…had she not accepted Obama (into her life) at the time she did.
Sometimes, it is not about today but tomorrow. The ‘struggling’ guy you are ‘managing’ in a relationship or that (good) lady you feel is not your ‘class’ could very well be the key to your destiny.
A cousin was working in the city. When the family felt he was not getting younger and there was no sign of a woman in his horizon. His mum and sisters promptly packaged a girl from the village for him. The mum claimed that she and the girl’s mum are neighbours in the market (where they sell vegetables) and she has seen how enterprising the lady can be. My cousin kicked against the arrangement. He was used to City girls but could not ‘net’ any of them for marriage. He grudgingly settled for the girl that his mum recommended. 
As soon as that girl joined him in the city, she began to cook a few cups of jollof rice –to sell in the front of their house-once he leaves for work. He only knew what hit him when people began coming to the house to place orders for her food. Her efforts were always embarrassing him but she was not used to staying idle.
Later on, she began to sell flour (for bakeries). In less than a year, her husband was retrenched at work (with a severance pay). Following her advice (he is not the entrepreneurial type)-he invested into the business. 
Today, they are major distributors (of flour) to a prominent brand. They have cars, and houses in the city and as well as in the village. Blessed with two girls and a boy. Same lady sends a certain amount (of money) to her mother in-law on monthly basis-for her upkeep. Something, her own son was not doing…besides giving her money whenever he visited home. 
My point?
Begin to pay attention to the pattern your life is consistently taking and quit fighting it. That could very well be your destiny. 
Sometimes, it is not about what you want but what life knows is best for you and…that is your destiny.
Some marriages are woeful but the couples keep fantastic relationships-as individuals.
It could also be that you desire a ‘white collar job’ professional but it’s the ‘self employed’ that keeps crossing your path. 

It’s time for you to be ‘accepting’ and make a lemonade out of that lemon that life is throwing at you. 

With support, there are no limits to ‘what’ anybody can become in life. 
You could be happier if you quit fighting that place you find yourself at the moment.
Eckhart Tolle (a German philosopher) summed it up when he said… ‘’Accept…then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it. This will miraculously transform your whole life’’.

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