Sunday, February 28, 2016

Go To Church

My Friends

It's Sunday, the last Sunday of the month of February 2016.
Sundays provide us the opportunity to go to Church
And no matter what you have slated to do today
No matter what your condition is
No matter your predicament

Go to Church

In the era gone by, the Church was a place where "brethren gathered to commune together and to share bread"
The Church provided the unbeliever an example of what believing was all about and enabled him to believe
The Church was a place where burdens were lifted, sorrows were dispersed and joy and happiness were multiplied
In that era, the Church was in the world

Even though the world is now in the Church of today, STILL go to Church
God still answers prayers

It's our #DependableSunday and our God is still very much DEPENDABLE

Have a pleasant Sunday


1 comment:

  1. Yes, no matter how you feel on the inside or how the Church feels on the outside, go to Church
    God knows