Monday, February 22, 2016

One Day At A Time

I know it is difficult for us to reconcile ourselves to the fact that one day we shall transit out of this plane into a higher plane, but it is an incontrovertible fact worthy of acceptance by all who want to live worthy lives.

The message is simply simple, we don't have all the time in this world and so we must have to maximize the time we have because time inappropriately spent can never be called back.

Time is a perishable commodity.

And that is why living "one day at a time" makes lots of sense.

Now this phrase does not in any way indicate that we cannot plan for the future or take adequate care for tomorrow, it only means that we should get each day filled with activities that are paying us better eternal dividends than the mundane.

One day contains 24 hours and quite a lot can be achieved within it.

I have always subscribed to the adage that says "live today as if it was your last" and in practicing this saying, I try to ensure that I do not shift for tomorrow that which I can conveniently do for today.

And this is because procrastination is not only a destiny destroyer but it is  also a talent eater

On this #VictoriousMonday let God reign Supreme

Learn to live one day at a time
It brings joy and fulfillment

God bless you real good


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