Thursday, February 18, 2016

He Hears Us When We Call On Him

When things are going well with you, when you have all you ever wanted, it is very easy to think that it was our will and power that got those things for us, but in actual sense, it is the grace of God that made it possible for us to keep shinning.

Now contrast that with when we are down but not out, when all things seem herculean, when we think that there's no hope left, when we think that God has gone on an indefinite leave concerning us and the numerous problems facing us; when we ask that eternal question "God, where are You?"

It would become very clear that even when we think that all hope is lost and that our case is really hopeless, there is still some hope left because it is at the point when a man's strength has been well spent that God's strength takes over.

God hears us, and that is always.

Whether we mouth it or we groan over it in our hearts, He hears and He answers.

It's #CourageousThursday and today I urge you to develop enough courage to live out the remainder of the week to His Glory and you shall have nothing to worry about.

God bless you real good today


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  1. #CourageousThursday
    Thank God for His grace to live courageously