Friday, February 12, 2016

We Are So Blessed

It is really human nature to complain, to compare, to whine, to grunt and to blame

When we don't get what we want, even if we have all we need, we complain

We whine when things are not going our way

We compare ourselves with those in the same "Social Class" as us, how they are doing far better than us

We grunt when we are disappointed by those we love

And we blame everything else for our misfortunes but ourselves.

If only we can take out time to check out what God has done for us, then we would know that whenever we complain or whine or grunt or compare or blame, we actually are acting more like unbelievers.

This God gave us the most important things of life for free - the air that we breathe in, the sun that shines (both for the wicked and the good), the rain that falls to water the ground for crops to grow, the green leaves at their season

This God that continually brings us back to the land of the living no matter where we went to while in the land of the spirits

This God that has continually ensured that even if there is famine all around us, we do not die of hunger

This God that kept His Own Side of the Bargain with mankind, by sending and giving His Only Begotten Son to die on the Cross to save mankind from all his iniquities and to clear him of all unrighteousness

This God that has not allowed us to spend a night in a hospital being fed through tubes and syringes

If we really sit down to count our blessings, we would see that in the place of complains, we should actually be praising the Lord

It's our #FantasticFriday
The harbinger of the good news of the on-coming weekend

Be the best you can be today, but thank God for His blessings upon your life and be continually grateful


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  1. If only men who are still breathing can realize how blessed they are, then all anger and hatred would go