Sunday, February 14, 2016

Our God Is Really Dependable

I have always known God from Childhood, not as the Father Christmas that most persons take Him to be now, but as the Father of Creation, my very own Creator without Whom I would never have made it into this world.

I have come a long way with Him but I have never taken Him for granted.

I have always known Him to be walking alongside with me, and I have also known that there were times when I was too weary to walk and yet I walked because His Able Hands lifted me up.

Sometimes I have been down but not out, and it would only take a nudge from Him to keep me on my feet again

I have lost properties
I have lost money
I have been conned
I have been blackmailed
I have been derided
I have been laughed at
I have been insulted
I have been assaulted
I have been embarrassed
The one with whom I ate out of the same plate had stabbed me at my back
And many others

But this God had been there for me
He had always given me His Spirit to calm the troubled waters around me, to give me peace when I am in turmoil, to land me on safe shores when the ship I was traveling in had wrecked

He is a dependable God
If you do not yet know Him, today presents another opportunity for you to know Him personally.

It is worth the effort

So people, it is our #DependableSunday

Let us all arise to go to the Lord's House to meet with our Dependable Father

There is none like him

Have a very pleasant Sunday today


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  1. My God is really #Dependable
    Thank Him for His Goodness and Mercy