Sunday, March 13, 2016

Be Blessed

It's a Sunday, the 2nd in the month of March 2016, with 2 more left before the month ends

Today I want to ask God to bless you

May He bless your going out and your coming in that no evil formed against you may prosper
May He bless the works of your hands that you may know no lack
May He give you the blessings of the womb that it may bear fruits worthy of His Name
May He give you the blessings of the genitals that they may be properly positioned for procreation
May He give you the blessings of the breast that they may suckle children
May He give you blessings of the feet, that they may go where He leads
May He bless your head that it may always be in one piece
May He bless your front view that you may always be focused
May He bless your back view that you may never have to worry about your past
May He bless your side view that you may know that you are completely surrounded by His grace
May His anointing to create be upon you 
May His anointing to prosper be upon you

And may His anointing to expand and enlarge remain with you

Now and forever more


And I pray so for myself too

Be Blessed


1 comment:

  1. God answers prayers and for any one that keys into this prayer of today, a testimony awaits him or her