Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hymn For Today

O Holy Jesu, Prince of Peace
Thy peace with us gathering
round Thy Board
Where the sweet Presence of
an unseen Lord
Waits to be gracious, charged with full release
To every heavy laden soul
which here remembers Thee

Once more as in that upper
Thou Who didst love Thine Own
unto the end
Thou Whose dear Voice to every sorrowing friend
Spoke the great promise through
the deepening gloom
Thou biddst us, Masterf of the
Today remember Thee

And e'en in our hands we take
Thy broken Bread, the precious
Cup of Love
Thy dying Testament, which from above
Thou deignst ever new and fresh
to make
A Fount of grace and life to all
We do remember Thee

When stung by thoughts of sin
and shame
We scarce can dare to meet our
Father's look
Through these Thy signs we know
that not rebuke
But pardoning love is ours as in
Thy Name
We now present ourselves and here
O Christ remember Thee

Ours is the bond of love divine
Which knits us each to all, and all to each
That love whose ever-lengthening
chords can reach
From the white choir around Thy Heavenly shrine
To those who come in faith today
Here to remember Thee

Thy banquet over, as we go
Strong in the strength of this
celestial meat
To tread the path of life with
firmer feet
To work the works which Thou
hast bid us do
Abide with us O Lord that still

We may remember Thee

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