Sunday, March 20, 2016

It's The Palm Sunday

Greetings of the new day. And may all Honour, Power and Dominion be unto Him that has made it possible for us to be alive in the land of the living.

It’s a Sunday and a special Sunday for that matter,

it’s the PALM SUNDAY.

On a day like this more than 2000 years ago Jesus the Christ rode into the Holy City Jerusalem in all His glory and the people were shouting Hosanna Hosanna to the Son of Jesse. They showed their “love” for Him and worshipped Him, casting their clothing and palm fronds on the ground that the Donkey (young ass) that Christ rode on may trod on.

Palm Sunday is the commencement of the passion of Christ which is celebrated during the Holy Week.

As we enter the Holy Week, may we share the pains of Christ and actually recognize that it was for our sakes that He passed through all that (He Who was sinless, brutalized and maltreated by sinful men for the sake of sinful men – Greater love really had no man than this)

In this self centred world of ours where friends are very ready to betray friends, where brothers are so willing to log out of their brothers lives, who can stand the heat for another? Who can take the rap for another’s sin? NO ONE – BUT Christ did it for us.

Let us observe this Holy week and really KEEP IT HOLY

Happy Palm Sunday to all my people

Bless and be Blessed


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  1. Palm Sunday commemorates the Triumphant entry of Jesus the Christ into Jerusalem as He commenced his last rites of passage through the world