Monday, March 21, 2016

Holy Monday

Greetings of the new day to all my friends with the sure hope that God manifested His goodness to you and yours over the night in bringing you back to this land of the living so that you can continue to glorify His Name and testify to His goodness in your lives.

May all Glory, Adoration, Honour, Power and Dominion be ascribed unto Him now and for ever – Amen.

It is Monday, the beginning of the new week; and this week isn’t just any other week, it is the HOLY WEEK.

The week we commemorate the passion of Jesus Christ as He went willingly and willfully to the Cross of Calvary to pay the price for OUR COLLECTIVE SINS.

Today we remember that the Conspirators were busy arranging with Judas Iscariot who was to betray Jesus on how and when he was going to do that, Jesus of course knew what was going on but He did not stop it from happening because “it was for that reason that He came into the world” to save mankind from eternal destruction.

As we remember to make this Holy week holy indeed, let’s refrain from harbouring evil thoughts, from broadcasting evil-intended messages, from consulting evil minded persons – let us shun evil in all its forms

And the God of grace shall supply His grace to us to make it more abundant than we even need.


Bless and be Blessed


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