Thursday, March 24, 2016

Holy Thursday - Maundy Thursday


Greetings of the new day.

It pleased God to bring us back from sleep and for which we are extremely grateful

It’s a Thursday, the 4th day in the Holy Week and we are still obliged to continue to keep it holy because of what Christ did for us in going up the Cross to die for us.

Today we remember that the humble act of washing of the disciples' feet, we remember that the last Supper shall be served, we remember that it shall be made public who would betray Christ, we remember the agony in the Garden, we remember the arrest, the trial and the sentencing, we remember the curse that the Sanhedrin in their blind anger heaped upon themselves and the generations unborn, we remember all these and ask that God should help our unbelief

As far as the Teachers of the law were concerned, Jesus erred by trying to outwit and outshine them and that can not be condoned

As we remember to make this Holy week holy indeed, let’s refrain from harbouring evil thoughts, from broadcasting evil-intended messages, from consulting evil minded persons – let us shun evil in all its forms

And the God of love shall surely renew His love for us in order to keep us from falling over the brink.


Bless and be Blessed


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