Sunday, March 6, 2016

It's The 1st Sunday In March

Friends and Brethren

The Scripture  moveth us in sundry places to acknowledge and abide by the Ordinances of God one of which is that we should observe the Sabbath day and keep it holy.
I know that there are raging arguments over whether Sunday can actually be the Sabbath of the Lord. And in any argument, there are always the pros and the cons.

However for the purpose of this write up, we are leaning on the Spiritual insights into the happenings in the Time of Christ as recorded in the Scriptures, from the day that Jesus Christ resurrected (the 1st day of the week) to the day He ascended (the 1st day of the week) to the day of purification when the Holy Ghost fell on the disciples as they were gathered together (the 1st day of the week), to give this brief exhortation.

This is the 1st Sunday of the month of March and it is a special Sunday because God had commanded that we do not neglect the assembling of the Saints together and in this very busy world, Sunday offers us the opportunity to actually assemble with others of same faith in the House of the Lord to praise and worship Him.

Sunday being the 1st day of the week usually sets the tone for the remainder of the week and so a Sunday spent with God is quite fulfilling and makes the week quite rewarding.

Today, join millions of other worshippers and go worship Him Who Alone has Power over your life and if He had let you into this day, it's only because He still has a plan for you.

Go to Church


What would you rather do today??

Be Blessed for all times


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  1. The Church of God shall continue to march on and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it