Saturday, March 26, 2016

Holy Saturday

My People

Greetings of the new day.

To God be all the glory great things He hath done for us especially for giving us life even for today, may His Name be forever magnified in Jesus Name – Amen.

Yesterday we commemorated the ‘GOOD FRIDAY’

We remembered that Jesus asked for the cup to pass Him by, but also asked that the Will of God be done and since it was the Will of God that He suffer death in order to reconcile mankind to God, He accepted it without quavering.

We remembered that Judas Iscariot finally sold His Master for 30 pieces of shekel and with a kiss and when He found out that it was no joke and the Master was actually arrested and humiliated, he went and hanged himself.

We remembered that He Who could do “vanishing acts” refused to walk away when the Jews came for Him, He humbly followed them even as they insulted and assaulted Him.

We remembered that Pontius Pilate in differing to the Sanhedrin and even in direct rejection of his wife’s dream and counselling condemned an innocent man to death and did the ceremonial act of washing his hands absolving himself from the act.

We remembered that He was taken to the Hills overlooking Jerusalem and they crucified Him alongside two notorious robbers.

We remembered that while on the Cross, He made 7 sentences that have become the pillars of true Christianity since then.

Christ had to die, no other blood was pure enough to really atone for the sins of mankind and since continuous sacrifice of rams and colts had not actually saved man, only the “Holy Blood” could wash away man’s sins for ever.

With this Sacrifice, all other sacrifices were abolished as no other Blood could compare with the Blood of Jesus.

Today is Saturday and is THE HOLY SATURDAY
Today we remember that he was laid in a freshly cut out tomb in which no other had been laid with the Marys’ and Martha watching over the tomb.
We remember that after the crucifixion, the disciples scattered

Today as we commemorate the “death and burial of Christ” , let us bring God back to the fore in our lives.

And the God of abundance shall make us abide in His abundance which bringeth no sorrows with it.


Bless and be Blessed


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  1. As His Body was lying there in the tomb, His Spirit descended into hell where He had a warfare with the devil and finally overcame him